Wednesday, November 28, 2007

meet your social life


If you don't already know about MEETUP, it is a social networking website that actually connects people off line for face to face fun... check the site for any city, like ORLANDO for instance, and find hundreds of groups getting together based on mutual interests. It is interactive, so you can create a group if there isn't one that suits you. These are some of the events I'll be attending, some are private parties and some are public gatherings. The challenge is choosing between them all.

Dec 1st (Sanford Pvt)
   House Party Meetup

Dec 4th (O'Boys)
   Earth Trivia

Dec 6th (Orlando Museum of Art)
   Meetup at OMOA

Dec 7th (Hard Rock)
   Tribute to John Lennon

Dec 8th (West Pvt)
   House Party Meetup

Dec 8th (Southchase Pvt)
   Game Night Meetup

Dec 15th (Weikiva - Pvt)
   Holiday Party Meetup

Dec 16th (Arnold Palmer Hospital)
   Xmas Carols for the kids

Dec 22nd (The Social)
   Less Than Jake

Dec 29th (WMMO Downtown)
   Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

The last two are concerts I'll be at, but they might be on the meetup site as well before long.

The only excuse for not having an active social life in these days of the internet and meetup is that you do not really want one (or are just too shy to go out).

Get over it and get out of the house!

PS... If you are truly a happy hermit, enjoy yourself too!

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