Thursday, September 21, 2006

it's open for you

This is your blog, Orlando. We're looking for information, reviews, and suggestions about living in Orlando, Florida.

Where do you eat, shop, dance, play?

What do you do for fun?

Any events coming to town we don't want to miss?

Email us with your info and current blog(s) if you want a plug and we'll give you access to post here (all we need is your email address to give you access). Remember, this is a place for people seeking positive activities, interactions, and connections in Orlando, FL. Keep the blatant advertisements to a minimum. Include a link, but also tell us why you like something and share the details that make you want to do it again or recommend it.

Ultimately, this is an experiment in social networking on the web. Will we find friends here? WIll we find fun? That is completely up to us. It's your turn to be heard, so go for it.


z0tl said...

there'll be enough orlandonians there to last you for months. you totally should attend the writers meetup group and mebbe there's a foolalove meetup as well...

candoor said...

thanks Z, it's great to have your input from out there :)

serenity said...

I just had to wade on over here just cuz. Not being Orlandonian I can't contribute to the fun in Orlando for really, but I'm bringing the smiles and the fellowship and the friendship; is that okay?


candoor said...

totally ok, great even, even if it takes me forever to respond (or even if I don't respond :)

I suppose this blog is not well positioned for traffic, aye? :)